San Felipe.

San Felipe is traditionally a fishing town but in the past few years tourism began to play a bigger role and it is now also a popular community for American and Canadian retirees as well as other people who look for a vacation or permanent home for their families in Mexico where the cost of living is lower. That's one reason why you will see many new home developments.

Valley of the Giants.

The Valley of the Giants, a forest of huge cadon cactii about nine miles south of San Felipe, Baja, Mexico attracts tourists through sheer intimidation. There's something almost Jurrasic about a 50 foot tall cactus. It looms and throws a morning shadow the size of a football field. Its cathedral height seems almost sacred as it silently watches centuries of history unroll at its feet.

Valley of the Giants

Bercebú Lagoon.

Part of the attraction of the corridor San Felipe-Puertecitos, Percebú Lagoon is home to a variety of organisms including sponges, corals, birds, snails, fish, starfish, crabs, among many others. Ideal for swimming, kayaking or jet skiing. During the months of May and November are conducted racing all-terrain vehicles. Location: Highway to Puertecitos 35 km (miles) south of San Felipe.

Percebú Lagoon


This attractive is located approximately 65 miles South-San Felipe, here in Puertecitos you will find Thermal Waters that emerged from earth and fills natural pools located very close to the Sea of Cortez. (foto Puertecitos)

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